Outmarch digitizes business operations for retailers using AI and ML alongside Serverless Microservices from AWS

Overview    Outmarch, Inc. (http://www.outmarch.ai/)  is a technology startup that is committed to revolutionize operational efficiency for frontline teams for multi-location businesses under various sectors like Retail, Fashion, Quick Service Restaurants (QSR), Banking etc. The company provides the frontline store associates with easy-to-use tools to collaborate smartly and enhance store operations efficiently.   To build this

Importance of the follow up and corrective tasks in retail.

The retail functions never end. They run for each of the 365 days of the year . Precise task management is at the heart of a successful progression in retail operations. Even a small discrepancy may lead to grave consequences. Common instances about this may be faulty merchandise display, litter in the parking lot or

Restaurant operations management during pandemic

Restaurant was one of the hard hit verticals that had to change rapidly and accommodate to pandemic induced business changes. With lockdowns and public movement restrictions becoming frequent and with the virus here to stay for a long time, restaurant operations need to be streamlined as per the new developments. The Background In the restaurant,

Retail Task Management – A Comprehensive Guide

The contemporary retail operations management refers to a framework of regulating functions that encompasses best practices in reporting, tracking, in-store & back office processes within its operations. Efficient Task management helps achieve your objectives promptly with a complete trace of historical actions . It can detect, advise and act on actions in a timely fashion,

Say goodbye to managing stores on WhatsApp

Clear and concise communication is one of the key factors for success in retail. Efficient business process requires constant communication between different employees of the retail; many times situated at different locations. It is astonishing to observe that a staggering number of retailers are using WhatsApp as their preferred tool of communication. Indeed, the instant

Risk Management Strategy in Retail

Retail is a fast paced and dynamic industry. Add to that rapidly evolving factors such as changes in consumer preferences, economic uncertainties etc. As a result, the retailer has to be on guard for several risks in areas such as in-store management, expense tracking, marketing promotions, location, brand image, price and quality. Additionally, the threat

How AI Is Changing the Retail Industry

Artificial intelligence (AI) signifies a wide-ranging technology from computer science that builds smart technologies capable enough to perform tasks that would otherwise involve human intelligence. AI, in retail, can facilitate a connection between offline channel of sales such as stores with online channels such as e-Commerce websites in real time. AI can help retailers provide

How can SaaS Software Benefit Retail Stores?

What is SaaS ? SaaS or, Software as a service refers to a process where a software application is provided as a service by a vendor or, a service provider. The service provider hosts the remote application over a network and the client who buys in to the service utilizes the features of the software.

How to Prepare Your Retail Store for the Holiday Season

Overview It is not a surprise that December is one of the busiest month celebrations wise. It is time where people make the most purchases. Retailers must prioritize efficient buying journey for the consumers entering the store. It is typically the time for the retail stores to beef up their operations in preparation for the

Checklist for Opening A Retail Store

Overview Classical retailing through the brick and mortar route has not perished. Even under the COVID-19 induced pandemic, retail giants like Walmart and Target have posted robust revenue.  Opening up and owning a retail business can entail months of planning and coordination between the corporate scheme of things and the retail groundwork. To open up