Outmarch, Inc. (http://www.outmarch.ai/)  is a technology startup that is committed to revolutionize operational efficiency for frontline teams for multi-location businesses under various sectors like Retail, Fashion, Quick Service Restaurants (QSR), Banking etc. The company provides the frontline store associates with easy-to-use tools to collaborate smartly and enhance store operations efficiently.  

To build this cutting-edge technology, its engineering team leverages cloud-native technologies from AWS, including services like AWS Lambda, AWS API Gateway, AWS SageMaker, AWS S3, and AWS Rekognition. As a result, there was a significant improvement in scalability, agility, and performance. Powerful technologies like AI and ML have helped build AI features that help retailers in insights and guidance like never before.   

Key Wins 

  • Industry Leading Implementations & Onboarding:  Go-Live in just 14 Days  

  • Innovative use of AI & ML technology to help customers speed up their mundane tasks. 

  • 80% Time Saved by Engineers  

  • ZERO Downtime Deployments 

Opportunity | Revolutionize with AWS:  Fueling Innovation and Scaling Effortlessly  

Outmarch is a cloud-born startup that’s reshaping the landscape of retail and frontline team experiences. The company strives to use cutting-edge technology to build tools to scale across customers.  

Outmarch keeps customer experience as a top priority and is constantly improving and innovating features that empower frontline team associates. Any valuable feedback from the customer is promptly integrated into the platform for the customer to use. This leads to shipping updates multiple times a week. The team passionately believes that technology should empower, not burden. They chose AWS for its performance, reliability at scale, and seamless integration with serverless microservices. The team is always looking for opportunities to use features like cloud-native platforms with a multi-tenancy approach to ensure that the same code and features are available to all customers.    

One of the pivotal capabilities of the platform is image analysis. Outmarch found an opportunity for machines to take over mundane tasks for field and corporate teams who spent multiple hours a day going through numerous images for planograms and compliance coming in from the store. With the help of AWS machine learning models, Outmarch created capabilities in the platform that allowed overseeing these images seamlessly.   


The Outmarch team took on a groundbreaking journey by choosing to build its platform from the ground up, exclusively utilizing AWS cloud-native services. The result? A resilient platform that delivered seamless performance with ZERO downtime  

The company built a microservices-based architecture that fostered a network of interconnected yet independently loosely coupled services. The serverless infrastructure was a complete game-changer. Outmarch witnessed a significant boost in productivity among its technical team. The company saw a significant 80% reduction in time to develop and deploy new products and featuresThis efficiency gain was a direct result of heightened confidence in the infrastructure and platform  

Because of the Agility and flexibility that comes with AWS, Outmarch could deploy new enhancements to their platform in the most efficient way possible; swiftly without disrupting the customer experience. AWS helped achieve unparallel scalability with minimal engineering effort and zero disruptions to the customer operations.  

One of the biggest successes for Outmarch was to implement image analysis capabilities Utilizing custom-built machine learning models Outmarch built platform where retailers can seamlessly oversee planogram compliance, execute corporate strategies, and identify out-of-stock items in record timeThis transformative shift eliminated hours of manual work.    


From day one, we embraced a cloud-native approach and fully leaned into the power of AWS. This enables our teams to focus their efforts on driving retail innovation. We hit deploy, and like magic, new features become instantly available to all our customers with ZERO downtime. The seamless journey to the cloud has become the catalyst for our continuous innovation and customer delight.    

Avinash Waghmare  
Chief Architect  

Outcome | Improving the Frontlines Teams Experience and efficiency Globally  

One of the highest achievements was moving to a multi-tenant cloud deployment that has accelerated the onboarding process, allowing customers to go live in 14 days or less with a leaner IT department, driving agility. 

Collaborating with leading retailers globally, Outmarch brought forth multiple products, powered by AI consolidating Retail Task Management, Store Audit, Communication, Incident Management, Knowledge Base, and Asset Management into a unified and efficient single platform. This comprehensive solution not only signifies a technological leap but also a testament to Outmarch’s commitment to reshaping the retail landscape. 

Benefits of AWS:  

  • Speed to Market: Efficient deployment of features and new products and enhancements, multiple times a week.  

  • Zero Downtime: Seamless operation with no disruptions. No need to get infrastructure down   

  • Solutionize complex use cases using AI: Solve complex customer problems like image analysis  

  • Infrastructure as a Service: Utilizing serverless technologies, eliminating scaling concerns and allowing a focus on technological innovation over hardware maintenance.  

  • Enhanced Consumer Experience: Prioritizing technology innovation over hardware management directly contributes to an improved consumer experience.  

  • Improved Security: A fortified security framework ensures the protection of data and operations. GDPR and SOCII etc.  

  • Facilitated Innovation of New Products: The platform’s architecture fosters innovation, enabling the rapid development of new products.  

  • Facilitated Fast Growth: The scalable nature of the platform facilitates rapid business growth.  


In essence, the outcomes showcase not only the technical advantages gained through AWS but also the tangible improvements in consumer experience, security, innovation, and overall business growth.  

AWS Services Used  

  • Amazon API Gateway 

  • AWS Lambda 

  • AWS Image Rekognition 

  • AWS Sage Maker   

  • AWS S3  

  • AWS Cognito  

  • AWS Redis Cache  


About Outmarch:  

Outmarch, Inc. (http://www.outmarch.ai/)   is an AI-powered company to Empower frontline teams – designed to elevate operational efficacy seamlessly. Unleash the full potential of the workforce by providing them with tools to help with task management, store audit, communication, knowledge base, incident management, and asset management, all within a single Outmarch platform. Maximize productivity, enhance collaboration, and unlock unparalleled insights with the unified power of Outmarch – where operational excellence meets the future.