With the dynamics of requirements and time, the profile of the retail store has changed. It becomes optimally important to discover approaches to deal with retail communications and convey excellent customer care. Our Retail Task Management platform permits you to oversee store errands brilliantly while facilitating real-time perception of happenings. It will forge an immediate channel between the heads in the corporate office and everyone at the frontier to ensure clarity of objectives and that everybody is on the same page.

Get the comprehensive Retail Task Management software that eases correspondence, improves task execution, tracks movements to ensure uniformity of the brand and conveys savvy investigation and detailing. The cloud-based software drives effortlessness across areas and streamlines project execution plans. It is a centralized hub for creation, execution, and management of all store tasks and communications.

It facilitates direct understanding to enhance sales by supplying insights on matters such as customer buying trends. The software will enable the staff to expel the manual work and streamline operations, such as, shelf restocking, visual merchandising implementations, price changes, updating of records, inventory and much more.

Ensures first class customer experience

Your store associates will be furnished with an amazing asset that props them up to execute assignments quicker and all the more precisely, so they can invest more energy drawing in with customers. With the back-office operations taken care of by the software, they will now have a great deal of time to intrigue customers with exact data on item accessibility, quick item queries, productive returns preparing, all of which will ultimately help in conveying an extraordinary customer experience within the store.

Schedule the Workforce Optimally

Receive enhanced view of the working patterns of your workforce, staff the best individuals for the correct activity quicker, and prioritize operational procedures, such as, store design, customer service operations and physically handling in-store complaints immediately during the work hours.

Fast Track Your Guideline Channel

Bid farewell to dispersed activities via mobile devices and application-based messengers. Effectively allot assignments and activities, plan labor, and monitor ongoing project status in one focal stage so you can accomplish more to develop your business quicker.

Ensure Accountability

Ever wished you had eyes on the ground? With the Outmarch Retail Task Management Platform, get greater perception into your retail execution and remote workforce than what you had achieved by manually being on the field.

Visibility of locations

Effectively visualize and offer incredible business knowledge from the confines of the corporate office. Give key knowledge about in-store execution, coping up with competition and more to key partners.

Attain the Ultimate Goal

A retail store is dynamic and varied because it is essentially a business outlet, a stockroom, an assortment point, a profit and a conveyance point. It is likewise still the focal point where you have to maximise customer satisfaction so you have to get your administration right.

Our retail store task management platform will help you streamline your operations and workflows. You will get exact real time data about what is going on in your store. You can screen significant errands and get moment alerts when executions are past due or, inadequate. You can likewise organize and reallocate errands among your store group. Your supervisory group will likewise have the option to inventory, PI cycle checks, project statuses and all the other operational paradigms. They will be able to organize inquiries by item type, customer, type of work and more with adaptable inquiry labels. Whether you are sorting out marketing, stock, resets, demo and test programs, evaluating refreshes, or in-store advancement, the Outmarch software lets you effectively compose errands and tasks and monitor execution.

Why should you sign up with Outmarch platform?

The Outmarch Retail Task Management Platform is intended to streamline work, upgrade cutting edge correspondence and engage efficiency for retail based operations which are essentially multi-location organizations. It is an instinctive versatile interface that renders corporate, field chiefs and partners the devices expected to convey an unrivaled experience for the customers.

We can easily integrate with your current IT systems so you need not bother with a significant IT redesign. The software likewise gives extra business rationale with the maximum degree of profitability (ROI). It likewise has points of interest for your IT division. This way, your IT assets are saved from tedious techniques and complexities of programming. At Outmarch, we can deliver this software in a matter of days NOT weeks so that you get the scope to be increasingly inventive in planning your corporate schedule quickly.

So, what are you waiting for! Take the plunge and sign up to the Outmarch retail task management software to save time and money while optimizing value.