The bottom-line of a retail store audit application is delivering an extraordinary customer experience in-store. Your retail operation should be executed precisely to guarantee that the items on the shelves are sold. Regardless of whether your retail business works one area or more, store audit is crucial to screen how you are doing. From inventory to stock schedules, store audit checklists offer profound experiences into your retail business. 

Concept of Store Audit

Essentially, store audit procedures evaluate the strength of your retail location using real time data from the stores. It helps gather useful information related to:

  • Sales and revenue.
  • Current level of your Stock Inventory
  • Analysis of visual merchandising and in store display
  • Competitors Assessment
  • Compliance with Store logistics (from shelf arrangements to replenishment data)
  • Pricing and promotions stratagem
  • Position of products in-store

Why Store Audit

Currently, organizations are inundated with huge administrative modalities and require efficiencies that result in cost-effectiveness and adequacy. Paper-based auditing is loaded with wastefulness and blunder besides being tedious and environmentally damaging. An electronic store audit application is adaptable to mobile phones and tablets. It can effectively merge management norms, specifications for teamwork, savvy agendas, activity plans, tasks confirmation and lots more and all this while saving time and cost.

Why Store Audits Are Important

As your business channels develop and turn out to be progressively intricate, it’s imperative to keep tab over the goings-on in your retail business. For instance, not having sufficient stock can make for a helpless shopping experience, and store audit checklist is one way you can guarantee customers stroll through the most ideal experience in-store. With a retail store audit application in place, your managers can utilize the audit as a professional interactive medium to communicate with the employees to scale-up the business.

Types of Store Audit

A retail operation comprises a set of complex and diverse activities which have to be monitored and kept in utmost shape 24/7. There is a host of store audit functions and retailers may use one or, more of them depending upon their nature of operations and requirements. Typically this may involve:

1. Merchandising Audit: 

This audit will arrange all your stock information, feature stock levels, the modalities of pricing, how items are shown, the effects of your present visual marketing and promotion related activities of the store.

2. Loss Prevention Audit: 
This will reveal the exactness of your efficiency in dealing with losses. It will present reviews on the stolen goods and the avoidance measures will be articulated.   
3. Health And Safety Audit: 
Health security regulations in-store have to be complied with regularly. Events such as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic can hamper the operations and future plans of the organization. A health and safety audit procedure in place will guard you against the eventualities arsing out of such situations. It will skillfully assess the health and safety policies, systems and procedures of the organization. It will present a correct evaluation of whether the current safety processes and procedures align with the law and also identify risks in the stores. Accordingly, the audit will come up with appropriate solutions. 
4. Market Audit: 
This audit type concentrates on investigation and survey of customers regarding their perception of your brand. It will showcase the degree of their receptivity with your store. This type of audit also explores all the parameters related to your competitors in the sector. 

Why the Outmarch Store Audit Software?

The Outmarch Store Audit Software can introduce mechanical progressions in your retail chain by empowering the creation and usage of a self-evaluation program. It will dispense with the requirement for paper, and gives your review group a cordial, simple to-utilize device through which to finish crucial reviews. With only a couple of snaps, your staff can finish customized questionnaires and transfer them to the centralized cloud servers. It will enhance the reporting by reducing the cycle time from data entry to reporting and improve the visibility of important performance metrics. 

1. Ensures up to date operational efficiency

The Outmarch Store Audit software has been designed to identify and perceive irregularities related to in-store merchandising, visual parameters of the products on the shelves and brand consistency. It will regulate the upkeep of crucial decisions and operational issues such as making and executing new in-store procedures and techniques. 

2. Store stock levels are checked 

Retailers lose millions to out-of-stocks every year because of inadequate rack refilling procedures. The Outmarch Store Audit Application permits reps to check stock levels wherever in the store thereby helping to anticipate or, forestall stocks. Using it should be the perfect path for merchandisers to catch the basic field information expected to report back to chiefs on retail execution methodology; help administrators examine what works and what does not so they can settle on educated choices and changes according to their retail execution plan. 

3. Guarantees Corrective Actions

The Outmarch auditing solution lets you make adaptable review structures. Currently the retail sector is grappling with the social distancing norms and other COVID-19 regulations. Our software will make customary evaluation and come up with the best possible design to counter such a situation. With capacity to characterize discretionary and required fields, field types, drop-down qualities, and approval leads, there is no restriction to the measure of information that the software can gather to screen consistencies in operation. 

4. Administrators can ‘see’ what is going on in the field 

It is always a good idea to keep finding out about what is going on in-store, more so with visual proof. Fortunately, our software will allow your reps to take pictures of presentations to display insights concerning rack appearance, store orderliness and whatever you would like to see. They can likewise portray ‘previously’ and ‘after’ situations which are an extraordinary method to show the prompt after effects of powerful execution of corporate decisions. 

Go for it

The Outmarch Store Audit software greatly diminishes your audit expenses, quickens your audit cycles, enhances your audit techniques, diminishes expenses and upgrades evaluation efficiency. The receptive interface permits reviewers to enter information in a hurry from the comfort of their tablets and cell phones. Subscribe to it to experience a novel corporate archetype to streamline concerns.